CTG Machine

Elina M3

Elina m3

  • 12.1 inch true LCD flip screen
  • Hidden handle, easy to move
  • Low ultrasound probe with high sensitive multi-Wafer(1MHz)
  • FHR 120 – 160b pm normal area mark
  • Automatic data storage of 48 hours for play back or printout
  • Built-in long life-span thermal printer, MTBF more than 20 years, print immediately or after storing with clear and exquisite curve
  • 52mm wide paper, support American and international standard paper
  • Setting up printing time, automatic stopping printing at appointed time
  • DSP tech, more advanced and convenient. With event marker.
  • Code-operation, easy and convenient
  • A variety of alarming functions, include tachycardia, bradycardia, printing time-over indicator, shortage of paper, etc.
  • With manual foetal movement functions
  • Standard configuration: single FHR monitoring


  • Twin FHR monitoring.
  • Maternal SpO2, HR, NIBP, Respiration rate, ECG, Temp


Elina D+

Elina D+


  • Bright LCD OLED display
  • Optional temperature measurement and PC connectivity
  • Calculating FHR with the same DSP techniques used in Foetal Monitor to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • High sensitive transducer with low acoustic power, safer for the foetus
  • User friendly interface
  • Built in speaker
  • Li- ion battery and battery status indicator
  • Battery management function, auto power off if no signal detected after one minute.







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